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2023 Walkley award nomination - 'Audio Long'

In 2023, Water Watch was longlisted for the Audio Long Walkley Award, for our three-part series on the 2023 Menindee Fish Kill. 


This category was renamed and refined in the recent five-yearly review of Walkley Awards categories by the Walkley Judging Board to reflect the rise of podcasting as a medium for longform journalism, alongside radio documentaries. Audio Long is open to audio entries, over 20 minutes, that are based on a single story and demonstrate in-depth investigation and excellent storytelling. 

Press release announcing the nomination can be found here.


2023 CBAA awards- 'Excellence in Journalism'

In 2023, Water Watch was awarded Excellence in Journalism at the Community Radio Awards, sponsored by AVC Group, for our three part series investigating the 2023 March Menindee Mass Fish Kills.


2023 South Australian Community Broadcasting Association -Bilby award for 'Best Interview'

In 2023, Water Watch received a 'Bilby award' from the South Australia Community Broadcasting Association for 'Best Interview' for Part 3 of their 2023 Menindee Fish Kill series.

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